Project: Comcast Business App
Time Line: April – July 2016
Contributors: Mondo Robot in Boulder, CO

The Comcast Business App is a powerful tool in the hands of any Comcast Business Customer. With the Be Anywhere feature, customers can answer calls on their cell phone that were dialed to their business phone. They can control their business phone and WiFi settings, pay their bills, and troubleshoot issues.

Creating clarity across teams.

Working closely with the engineering and developing team is crucial for having a successful product. But you don’t always get to pick your build team or decide how you work with them. For the Comcast Business app, we had the constraint of working with offshore developers. This meant our delivered designs didn’t come with an easy communication channel for answering questions and resolving issues. It also meant handing over a pixel perfect design to someone you have not yet learned to trust.

This is where I came in. My job was to make sure that what we delivered to the development team could be understood with little questions. This meant creating a redline document that labeled out every space, every typeface, and every symbol. It meant being obsessed with the consistency of an app that had over 15 functionalities and 100 screens designed with slight variations between iOS and Android.

What was delivered we called a Redline document. It was our source of truth for design and functionality.  It was continuously updated as the app evolved and perfected. The app was successfully launched in December of 2016.